2021 Economic Mkutano Conference

December 2, 2021 0 Comments

The 2021 Economic Mkutano Conference was held on the 23rd of November under the theme, ‘Building a sustainable and competitive Industrial Sector in Uganda’. It was organized by the Mkutano Company in partnership with the ministries of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Finance, Planning and Economic Development and key partners in the industrial sector. The conference was attended by Presidential Advisors, Development Partners, Heads of multilateral institutions, Representatives of Financial Institutions, Private Sector, and Civil Society Organizations. The European Union was represented by the Head of Cooperation Ms. Caroline Adriaensen.

The delegates discussed the current state of the industrial sector in Uganda and the enabling environment required to build a sustainable and competitive industrial sector in Uganda. They made several recommendations for implementation by the various stakeholders.

The Mkutano Company will continue to work with strategic partners in the industrial sector to find solutions to the challenges and to support Industrial sectors strategic initiatives aimed at improving the industrial environment, legal and regulatory frameworks.