Agro Consortium: Livestock Insurance

Posted 4 months ago


Animals to be insured will be inspected by a veterinary officer to verify information provided in the proposal form. The animals found to be with good condition score will be tagged for identification after farm inspection and verification of the vaccination certificate.

Funding Procedure

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What is covered? Death of animal as a consequence of: Lightning, Flood, Rainstorm, Windstorm, Hailstorm, Snow, Hurricane, Earthquake, Landslides, Diseases, Inundation, Surgical Operation and Impact accidental damage by animals, trees or vehicles, aircraft, or motorized machinery. The cover can be extended to cover fire and burglary of insured animals after farm inspection. Basis of cover The client has the option to insure; Expected Market value of the animals by end of the period of insurance How much is spent on raising the animal. (Input cost) 100% of the input loan facility obtained for animal production Exclusions: It does NOT cover; Willful misconduct, feed poisoning, culling, infertility or impotence, prior diseases or accidents, famine and malnutrition, mysterious disappearances, poor production of animals like milk. Any claim arising due to disease contracted within 15 days from the date of commencement of insurance cover, unless such insurance is a continuous renewal without any break of a Policy that was in force.