Bank of Baroda – Short-Term Loan

Posted 6 months ago


Bank has a Scheme for providing Short Term Clean Loan to Corporate Clients for bridging cash flows / working capital requirement on short term basis

Funding Procedure

Eligibility: Corporate body incorporated for more than 5 years. Net worth over UGX 500 Million as per latest audited balance sheet. Profit making company for last 3 consecutive financial years and no arrears of any tax liability. Minimum current ratio 1 and above. Companies engaged in coffee processing/agriculture cultivation are not eligible.


General Call 0800 240 240 (Toll Free)


Repayment Period: 3 to 6 months. Initially loan will be for 90 days and its rollover is permitted up to a maximum of 180 days as per request. Interest Rate = 3% over PLR with monthly rest for loan in UGX 1% over USD PLR with monthly rest for loan in USD. *Interest rate is subject to change from time to time. View latest Interest Rate ** For further details, contact any of their Branches in Uganda Documents Needed = D.P. Note. Personal guarantee of all directors residing in Uganda and Advance cheques (Post-dated) for repayment. Letter of installments.