EzyAgric; Digital Loans

Posted 6 months ago


EzyAgric is a Ugandan fintech startup that offers Buy-Now Pay-Later digital loans to farmers. The loans are intended to help farmers purchase agro-inputs and pay for them later in instalments. Here is an overview of EzyAgric's Buy-Now Pay-Later digital loans: 1) Farmers can sign up for the loans on the EzyAgric platform using their mobile phones. 2) Eligibility for credit is checked in real-time, and farmers receive credit scores if they qualify for credit. 3) The loans are subject to late fees if a borrower misses a payment. EzyAgric's Buy-Now Pay-Later service is intended to help farmers manage their cash flow and increase their productivity by accessing agro-inputs and paying for them later. EzyAgric has partnered with Pezesha to offer short-term credit to agro-inputs distributors in the form of inventory financing.

Funding Procedure

To apply for the Buy-Now Pay-Later digital loans offered by EzyAgric, farmers can follow these steps: Sign up on the EzyAgric platform using their mobile phone Check their eligibility for credit in real-time Purchase agro-inputs from EzyAgric using the Buy-Now Pay-Later service. Pay for the agro-inputs later in instalments.