Finance Trust Bank – Agro Investment Loan

Posted 6 months ago


The Agro–Investment Loan is availed to commercial farmers with small and medium enterprises involved in capital-intensive agricultural activities along the value chain from production to marketing. This loan facilitates the acquisition of agricultural machinery, vehicles, storage facilities, land, farm houses etc, and is offered to individuals, groups, associations and companies dealing in agricultural investment.

Funding Procedure

Requirements: Savings account Borrower must be 18 years and above Sufficient collateral required 1 reputable guarantor Groups should have 15–30 members Groups should have at least 5 members with similar agricultural investment activity


Toll: 0800 220 500


Benefits: Increase your working capital Pay loan in small manageable instalments Enjoy low interest rates Pay loan over a long period of time Farmers in groups can get up to 4 million per farmer Grace period Purchase business assets like cars, milk coolers, land, and irrigation equipments