Finance Trust Bank – Asset Financing Loan

Posted 6 months ago


New and existing Finance Trust Bank customers, individuals and organizations, who wish to access financing for movable income generating assets valued at 3 million shillings and above.

Funding Procedure

Requirements Saving or Current account with Finance Trust Bank Clearly identifiable source of additional regular income Proforma Invoice for the Asset from prequalified suppliers The applicant must contribute at least 30% of the asset value or provide additional collateral worth 30% of the asset value. Good loan history for the case of existing borrowers The asset must be purchased from Finance Trust Bank prequalified suppliers. The asset must be comprehensively insured renewable annually.


Toll: 0800 220 500


Benefits Enabling Finance Trust Bank customers to acquire movable income generating assets valued at affordable interest rates. The asset should clearly be identifiable, movable, durable and insurable e.g. Vehicles/Motorcycles – Commercial only Plant and machinery - manufacturing, processing plants, etc. Equipment - printing machines, factory plants, office equipment, professional equipment etc. Yellow metal-bulldozers, front and loaders, graders