Finance Trust Bank – Women’s Agricultural Loan

Posted 6 months ago


The Women’s Agriculture Loan is for women engaged in agriculture activities at various levels in the value chain. Individual women involved in farming activities at production level; individual women involved in agricultural processing who would like to add value to agricultural products before marketing; individual women involved in marketing of agricultural products & inputs.

Funding Procedure

Requirements: Borrower must be a woman Must be 18 years and a permanent resident in the operational area where the loan is sought for at least 1 year Should have a verifiable agricultural business and experience in a similar line for at least 1 year Must have a savings account at FTB Registration to CRB is mandatory Sufficient collateral for the loan Tenancy agreement if land for agriculture is hired Guarantors required


Toll: 0800 220 500


Benefits: Enables women in agriculture to expand their businesses Increase income Pay back based on cashflow Grace period where applicable