INVITE Project

Posted 2 months ago


Investment for Industrial Transformation and Employment (“INVITE”) is a collaborative program between the Government of Uganda, the private sector and its development partners; The World Bank Group, SIDA, UK Government, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. INVITE aims to create private sector manufacturing jobs and increase incomes across Uganda. INVITE will achieve this by supporting manufacturing and exporting firms. INVITE will operate a range of products through the private sector foundation Uganda and the Bank of Uganda INVITE Trust.

Funding Procedure

Applicant Registers -> Applicant completes company profile -> Applicant selects a product to apply for -> Applicant fills out details and uploads necessary documents.

Contacts Plot 43, Nakasero Road, Kampala


Investment in Refugee and Host District Supply Chains: Lead investors in manufacturing or exporting manufactured and semi manufactured supply chains will be supported to locate investments that are beneficial to refugee and their host communities. Lead investors will be supported to establish factories in new supply chains that will increase potential incomes of refuges and their host communities. Partial Credit Guarantee for Business Loans: This product will support businesses by taking on some of the risk in their loans. This will allow business to access more favourable loan terms. Long-term Flexible Loans in Uganda Shillings: This product will provide long-tenure loans to both private businesses and public sector organizations. These loans will be targeted to support long-term improvements in businesses or projects that increase efficiency. Cost-sharing of Loan Extensions: This product supports firms who restructured a loan under the Bank of Uganda’s Covid-19 Relief Scheme. The costs of that restructuring will be shared by the INVITE Trust. Developing Exporting Firm Capabilities: Exporting firms of manufactured and semi manufactured products planning to increase exports to high value markets or identify new high value markets will receive business development services. Eligible firms will receive expert advice on developing export strategies, product improvement standards and certification e.t.c intended to increase their market share and value in export markets. Loan Interest Discount: This product supports Micro-Finance Institutions by providing a line of credit. Those institutions will then be able to issue discounted loans to businesses. Accelerated Invoice Payments: This product will allow businesses to sell their invoices from large buyers to the INVITE Trust at a small discount, and in turn be paid rapidly for goods and services delivered. This service will be cheaper than equivalent commercial offerings.