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Mirova SunFunder raises blended debt funds from institutional and other investors, offering access to a diversified emerging market solar portfolio so they can put capital to work in this rapidly growing and impactful sector. Our mission is to pioneer and scale climate investments in emerging markets, with a current focus on the clean energy transition in Africa and Asia.

Investment Details

$500,000 - $30M +

Funding Procedure

Online loan enquiry form:

Target Impact

Dedicated to pioneering and scaling clean energy and climate investments in emerging markets



We are a debt provider, and as such are looking for companies that have audited financials and at least 2 years of operational track record. We do not invest equity. ​ Mirova SunFunder can invest in companies and projects working in a broad range of clean energy and climate sectors, including manufacturers, distributors, developers and EPCs in segments that include off-grid solar, mini-grids, productive use, C&I solar, telecom ESCO, energy storage and efficiency, low-carbon cooling, e-mobility and climate-smart agriculture. ​​ We require you to have Environmental, Social and Governance policies in place – and can help you implement them if you don’t – and require off-grid solar companies to have committed to the GOGLA Consumer Protection Code.