Pax Insurance: Employers Liability

Posted 4 months ago


PAX Insurance offers a Workers' Compensation/Employer's Liability policy designed to help employers fulfill their statutory obligations towards their employees. This policy provides compensation for employees who suffer from death or permanent incapacity due to accidents sustained while at work. It is important for employers to have this coverage in place to comply with the legal requirements and to protect both their business and their employees.

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The Workers' Compensation/Employer's Liability policy includes: Statutory compliance: The policy is designed to help employers meet their obligations under the Workers Compensation Act 8 of 2000. This Act mandates that employers provide insurance coverage for their employees' compensation in the event of death or permanent incapacity resulting from work-related accidents. Compensation coverage: The policy provides compensation equivalent to 60 months (five years) of the employee's earnings in the event of death. This financial support helps the employee's family manage the loss of income and the financial challenges that may arise as a result of the employee's death. Permanent incapacity benefits: In addition to death benefits, the policy also provides compensation for employees who become permanently incapacitated due to work-related accidents. The coverage ensures that affected employees receive financial support to help them cope with the long-term consequences of their injuries. Legal defense and assistance: Employers may face legal claims from employees or their families in the event of work-related accidents. The Workers' Compensation/Employer's Liability policy provides legal defense and assistance to help employers navigate these claims and protect their business interests. Tailored coverage: PAX Insurance understands that every business has unique needs and requirements when it comes to workers' compensation coverage. The policy can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business, ensuring that you have the appropriate level of protection in place.