Pride Microfinance – Agricultural Loan

Posted 6 months ago


This loan targets individual clients in rural or peri-urban areas engaged in agribusiness activities along the Agricultural value chain.

Funding Procedure

What do I need to get Pride Agricultural Loan? Valid National ID/Driver’s license with NIN/Passport with NIN and passport photos Should be between 18-75 years of age Have a savings account with Pride/Willing to open an account Engages in commercial farming Have adequate security e.g. land, motor vehicle or chattels such as household or business assets and guarantor(s).


Email: Tel: +256(0)75- 4346 930, +256(0)75-2262 366


Benefits of Pride Agricultural Loan Flexible amounts starting from Ugx 200,000. Grace periods commensurate with the gestation period of the enterprise to allow time for harvesting and selling of products. Attractive interest rates Customers can access the loan even when they have other running loans with Pride so long as they have the capacity to service both loans. Flexible repayment period depending on the agricultural enterprise Quick loan processing i.e. within 3 days