Uganda Investment Authority (Technical Assistance)

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The Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) is a government agency responsible for promoting and facilitating investments in Uganda. Its primary goal is to attract both domestic and foreign investments to contribute to the country's economic development. While UIA's main focus is on investments, including both local and foreign direct investment, they play a role in supporting SMEs by creating a conducive environment for business growth and development.

Investment Details

Here's how UIA can help SMEs looking for finance: Investment Promotion: UIA promotes Uganda as an attractive investment destination by highlighting the country's potential, business-friendly policies, and investment opportunities. This exposure can attract investors and financiers interested in supporting SMEs. Information and Guidance: UIA provides information and guidance to SMEs about investment opportunities, business regulations, incentives, and procedures. They can help SMEs understand the available financing options, eligibility criteria, and how to navigate the investment landscape. One-Stop Center: UIA serves as a one-stop center for investors and businesses, streamlining the investment process and reducing bureaucratic hurdles. SMEs can access information and services related to business registration, licenses, permits, and approvals. Networking and Partnerships: UIA facilitates networking and partnerships between SMEs and potential investors, both domestic and foreign. They organize business forums, trade exhibitions, and events that allow SMEs to showcase their products and services to potential financiers. Business Matching: UIA can help connect SMEs with investors, venture capitalists, and other financial institutions that may be interested in providing funding or equity investment to support their growth. Incentives and Support: UIA can provide information about available investment incentives, tax breaks, and government programs that SMEs can benefit from. These incentives can reduce the financial burden on SMEs and make it more attractive for investors to support them. Policy Advocacy: UIA advocates for policies that promote a favorable business environment and support SMEs' access to finance. They work to address challenges that SMEs may face in obtaining funding and growing their businesses. Market Access: UIA can help SMEs explore potential markets for their products and services, both domestically and internationally. Access to new markets can lead to increased revenue and investment opportunities. Capacity Building: UIA may offer training, workshops, and capacity-building programs for SMEs to enhance their business skills and improve their readiness to attract investment.

Funding Procedure

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