USAID – Feed the Future Uganda Institutional and Systems Strengthening (ISS) Activity

Posted 4 months ago


Builds capacities and strengthens the internal systems of IAOs and Government of Uganda (GoU) MDAs to enable them to provide better services to their stakeholders and improve the implementation of policies that advance private sector led economic growth. Objectives: 1. Increase the institutional capacity of GoU institutions and agencies. 2. Increase the institutional capacity of the private sector and civil society organizations. 3. Create incentives for agro-industry and agribusiness firms to respond to changes in the market system and invest in it.

Funding Procedure

Selection Criteria: None Registered Apex body or national Member based organization For capacity Building around policy initiatives Apply online. ISS has a TEC constituted to evaluate the bids.

Fund Structure

ISS issues grants to build national level member organizations capacity for effective policy advocacy, lobbying and partnerships development. Each grant ranges between $25,000 to $100,000.

Target Impact

1) Effective internal processes of selected MDAs and IAOs. 2) Improved policy frameworks that support the functionality of selected MDAs and IAOs. 3) Enhanced capacities of selected MDAs and IAOs to perform their mandates. 4) Strengthened linkages among institutions so they can work more effectively to achieve their goals.




Provides institutional capacity building to strengthen human, technical and financial capacities in order to improve the leadership, strategy, systems, governance, skills, human capital, and accountability of the target national level public and private sector organizations.