TWGs complete their first assignment with interactive meetings

March 30, 2023 0 Comments

The month of March was busy with Technical Working Groups (TWGs) holding their bi monthly meetings which were well attended by various representatives from the private and public sectors of Uganda and the European Union (EU). The groups are Trade and Investment, Access to Finance, Governance and Accountability, and Skills and Attitude.

The SB4U Director, Sarah Kitakule thanked the members for their diligent participation in the vibrant discussions held over all the meetings and pointed out that the real work of implementing the agreed-upon recommendations for change begins. “We have designed the actions to bring about change and have finalized the roadmap. Now we can start the implementation of the agreed actions while monitoring and evaluating what we have done.”

Representing the EU delegation in the meetings, Nicolas Renard commented; “Now that we have identified the core issues that we will be working on together, the SB4U Secretariat will compile all information into a roadmap that will guide the work of the Technical Working Groups” The TWGs were launched in March 2022 to support Sustainable Business for Uganda (SB4U) platform, a joint partnership between PSFU and the EU that was launched in March 2020. The groups are scheduled to meet once every two months with the flexibility to accommodate emergency meetings or assignments as and when required.