Agribusiness Development Centre

Posted 6 months ago


Support farmer organisations in becoming profitable and sustainable enterprises that can provide efficient, profitable and effective services.

Investment Details

The Agribusiness Development Centre (ADC) offers an acceleration program to help agribusinesses scale their business models and become investment-ready through intensive trainings, mentorships, and finance linkages. To apply for and benefit from this program, SMEs in Uganda can explore the opportunities provided by ADC, such as the eLearning portal called SOMA, which offers tailored trainings and partnerships to support the journey to prosperity for agribusinesses. Additionally, SMEs can engage with the resources and support offered by ADC to enhance their business operations and prepare for potential investment opportunities. For specific details on the application process and the potential benefits for SMEs, it is advisable to directly contact ADC or visit their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


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