Alliance Africa General Insurance Ltd: Finance

Posted 4 months ago


Whether you are on your way to the bank to deposit your business earnings for the day or you prefer to keep the cash at your business premise, having Money Insurance could save you from unexpected financial loss in the event of robbery or theft. The Money Insurance covers the loss of your money whilst in transit and whilst in the premise. Our Finance Insurance covers “Money” carried by the Insured or the authorized employees/messengers while in transit and Money that has not been disbursed and has been retained in a safe. Money means and includes cash, bank drafts, currency notes, treasury totes, cheques, postal orders and current postage stamps.

Funding Procedure

Give us a call; +256 392 177 281 or send us an email at and we’ll call back. Step 2 Upload the required documents and your personal credentials details, on the link sent. Step 3 We’ll take care of the rest!


Give us a call; +256 392 177 281 or send us an email at and we’ll call back.


Insuring clauses are as follows: Premises risk- loss of money resulting from theft, unexplained disappearance, damage, destruction or misplacement. Transit– loss or damage to money whilst in transit anywhere in the world in the custody of employees and including transits carried out by courier service or by registered post. Forged cheques– loss sustained due to the forgery or fraudulent alteration of cheques, bills of exchange, drafts, acceptances, withdrawal orders, certificates of deposit, letters of credit and money order. Forged securities– loss sustained by an organisation due to its having acted upon other types of securities or documents, which are not otherwise insured, under the forged cheques section. What’s not covered Money Laundering Exclusion War & Terrorism Exclusion Commissions & Bribes Exclusion Fines & Penalties Exclusion Pending & Prior Litigation is Excluded