Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

Posted 6 months ago


The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation seeks to dramatically improve the lives of people and the world around us through innovative strategies, systems changing approaches, and disrupting technologies. Our goal is to find social entrepreneurs with dynamic ideas and nurture them at the early stages with maximum leverage and total commitment. Prospects for our portfolio of social enterprises come from a vast field of compelling ideas and dedicated leaders. We concentrate our selection on the capabilities of the founder, the scalability of the model, and the potential impact of the organization on the world.

Investment Details

Unrestricted capital of between $150,000-$300,000

Funding Procedure

Application form (year round funding): https://www.tfaforms.com/4887099

Fund Structure

3 year investment with Technical Assistance.

Target Impact

• Organizations addressing a critical social or environmental issue as the focus of their work. • Founders who intend to expand their impact significantly over time. • Organizations operating in Africa, Europe, India, Latin America, and the United States. • Independent nonprofit and impact first, mission-driven for-profit entities, including US 501(c)3 and its non-US equivalents, C corporations, B corporations, and hybrid organizations. • Fiscally sponsored organizations in select cases where there is a plan to spin out (in our experience, independence creates stronger enabling conditions for growth). • Post-pilot, pre-scale organizations. This typically means: —Your program, product or service is already in the market or in the field. —You have early indication that your model is having its intended impact. Borrowed from our venture capital legacy we find exceptional entrepreneurs, provide them with 3 years of unrestricted capital (totaling $300,000) and provide rigorous on-going support by joining their board of directors for the 3 years and partnering with the leader to help them to build capacity in their organization and scale their impact. For for-profit organizations, we typically make program-related investments with an initial investment of $150,000 and we’ll do a subsequent investment of another $150,000 depending on the achievement of certain organizational metrics and milestones. We invite you to learn more about , and to share your idea with us through our www.peakproposals.com Funder List for Uganda_3.2023 38 —Your organization is 3-5 years old (this is not a rule, but a guidepost). • Organizations with one or more founders who are full-time or intend to be. —We believe that full-time leadership from the organization’s founder(s) is critical to an early stage organization’s growth. —We recognize that going full-time requires resources that you may still be putting together, and if that is the case we are happy to start a conversation with you in the meantime. • We value diversity of people proximate to the problem at hand and a commitment to foster justice, equity, inclusion, and belonging practices.


Michelle de la Isla - Managing Director: mdelaisla@drkfoundation.org