East Africa Investments

Posted 6 months ago
$10,000 - $50,000


We believe that: Small and medium-sized businesses play a major role in the continued social and economic development of Rwanda and other East African countries. Access to quality support is as important as access to capital. understanding the importance of profitability is central to creating sustainable businesses with long-term impact on the communities they operate in. Investing in and supporting businesses with growth potential is a powerful way to support East African countries in their efforts to continue their social and economic development.

Investment Details

We invest $10,000-$50,000 in businesses run by capable and committed entrepreneurs, and by providing both capital and support, we help create sustainable businesses.

Funding Procedure

A short document (in Word, PDF, PPT) covering the following: - Opportunity: What need does this product/service fulfil that is currently un- or under- fulfilled? - Proposition: what is the main idea? - Competitive landscape: Are others doing similar activities? Why are others not doing it? ​- Unique selling proposition: In what way is the service/product unique/distinct from others? - Financials: Revenues, expenses and profits to date (if any)? - Investment requirement: What funds do you need and how will they be used? Are there any current sources of funding or alternative future sources for funding? - Projected growth: with and without investment? - Impact: what is the return/profit/benefit available from the idea? - Key risks: what are the major things that could go wrong and what have been/can be done to mitigate such risks? - Team: bio for key members"

Target Impact

Our aim is to generate social and economic impact, alongside a financial return. We believe that profitability is central to creating sustainable businesses and having a long-term impact.