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Equity Bank – Equi-Green Loan

Posted 6 months ago


Provides affordable credit to enable customers to acquire renewable clean technologies such as lighting, cooking, and heating systems. The loan is supported by the Uganda Energy Credit Capitalization Company (UECCC) and aims to ease access to clean energy technologies by addressing the affordability barrier. The Equi-Green loan is designed to promote access to clean energy loan products to avert the negative effects of climate change.

Investment Details

30% rebate of loan upon repayment Max for solar H/H Ugx 20,000,000 Maximum others Ugx 50,000,000


Email: Telephone: +2563123227000


Min: 3 Months Max: 24 Months Loans below UGX 1M max of 6 months Collateral = Asset Financed, Kibanja, Tiled land, Household & Business chattels and vehicles Interest = 15% to 22% p.a.